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Introducing 'In The Box' Production Packs!

We work on over 40 theatre productions most years, and so know that putting on a perfect theatre production takes a lot of prep work.   We've now completed this prep work for a huge list of shows, and are happy to pass on everything to you for a very small fee, almost as though we're sitting in the tech box with you (hence the name)! We're often involved in every element of the production, and so have lots of content available!

Because of budgets, we can often only put one designer/technician on a show, so have developed a system to make any show (using backing tracks) operable by just one person! This includes the sound, lighting and projections if applicable - but does require a lot of programming before the show (which we've also already done and you can now access!)

Of course every production is different, so although everything we supply is based on the productions we've been involved in staging, most are easily adaptable, and will give you a great starting point to move forwards with your show and save you lots of time!   We only add a production to this list once we've actually put on the show with a local theatre company, so you know that everything will line up perfectly to the licensed script and has been tested in person!


As every show on this list is licensed from one of the rights holders, it's essential that you obtain a performing license from them to get access to the script and backing tracks (where appropriate).  We cannot supply these items as they form part of the performance agreement for each specific production, and are typically rented from the rights holders as part of that process - and so we make it simple to slot tracks into QLab once you've got them, and provide clearly marked up cue lists so you can easily transfer cues to your script!

Depending on which production you're looking at, we might be able to provide any of the following (check individual links below for info on each specific show)!


  • QLab programming (for songs, sound effects & house music), can also include lighting network triggers timed to tracks and projections/av

  • Pre-programmed ETC Eos lighting files (adaptable to suit your rig / design), complete with cue lists and associated documents

  • Character Plots

  • Costume lists & plots

  • Scene Breakdowns (for stage cues / set design etc)

  • Mic lists & plots

  • Props lists

  • Paper prop templates​

  • Links to online rehearsal harmony guides (similar to Rehearscore)

  • Access to props/costumes available to hire from our friends at Limelight Performers

  • Other items also available on a show to show basis

More information will be available soon, but you can have a look at some of the shows which we already have items available for below or are currently working on (with more constantly being added), and please get in touch if you'd like to know more or make an enquiry!

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