PAT Testing

Here at JLA Sound and Light we started spending lots of money to get all of our equipment PAT tested, and realised there was a cheaper way - to just do it ourselves! This meant that we had to do the qualification and buy the testing equipment - and so we figured, why not start offering it as a service too! We have a Seaward tester, which is one of the industry leading brands for PAT Testers.


As well as all of our own, we've done PAT testing for offices, colleges, bands/musicians, DJs, youth centres and much more! 


We have the knowledge and experience to test theatrical equipment that a lot of companies don't know how to, or simply refuse to test - as well as more 'normal' appliances.


We always provide a certificate, as well as a list of all of the detailed results and provide stickers for every appliance.


Our pricing structure is really simple!


£20 for the first 10 items - then £1 an item after that.

If there's more than 200 items, the price per item drops to £0.70 from 201 forward!

We also charge a small travel fee when the testing is outside of the Ipswich area.


A replacement mains plug is £0.50, and replacement IEC lead is £1.

We do minor re-wiring and provide replacement fuses free of charge.


To give you an idea of how much this will cost you, simply estimate the number of items you have with a mains plug (and add an extra one if it has a detachable mains lead - e.g. an IEC as that counts as a separate item), 

then add 10 and that's roughly how much it will cost you!


Get in touch if you would like to discuss more!