DJ Hamster FAQs

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Frequently asked questions

How long have you been doing discos / what experience do you have?

I did the disco for my own 8th birthday party, and then started doing them for friends & family - followed quickly by the public! I now have many years experience, and hundreds of successful discos under my belt! We regularly work with children, and I am a licensed chaperone as well as having an enhanced DBS check.

Do you have a smoke machine?

Yes we do - in fact we have lots! The kids love it, and it makes the lights look even better. All of our smoke machines use non-toxic water based fluids, and so are totally safe. We don't charge any extra for using smoke machines, and are always happy to use it as long as you and the venue agree that we can!

Do you have a bubble / snow / foam machine?

No we don't. We have found that these leave fluids on the ground and make the dance floor dangerously slippery, and of course wouldn't want anyone to get hurt as a result of us using one of these machines. Also, the vast majority of venues don't allow them to be used!

How long do you need to set up & pack away?

Our standard disco setup requires at least 75 minutes to set up before the party, and 45 minutes to pack away afterwards. This means for a 2 hour party, the venue needs to be booked for a minimum of 4 hours. We need parking close to the venue for our van (with no height restrictions etc).

Is everything safe / PAT tested?

We regularly PAT Test all of our equipment in house, and can provide certificates to prove this if venues request it.

What do I have to do on the day?

All you need to do is book the venue & decorate it, and prepare food, cake & party bags! We'll plan all of the games and prizes, and keep the children entertained throughout the party!

When do I have to pay?

Depending on the event, we may ask for a 10% non-refundable deposit before the event, and the full balance can be paid in cash on the day - or by BACS/cheque one week before the booking.

How does the disco run on the day / do we stop for food?

For a two hour party, we typically suggest doing disco/games/dances for the first hour, then stopping for party food (usually takes around 20-30 minutes), and continuing with the disco until the end. We are, of course, happy to adjust this to suit whatever you would like!

How do I book?!

Send us an email at and we can take it from there! We look forward to hearing from you.

How much does it cost / what do I get for my money?

Our children's discos start at just £60 per hour in the Ipswich area. We pride ourselves of providing great value for money - and this low cost includes the sound and lighting setups, a very big catalogue of music, demonstrated party dances, age appropriate games, prizes, personalised certificates, medals, and consolation sweets & stickers for when children are out of games.

Where do you get all of the music from / will you have my favourite song?

We subscribe to a service which means that we are given well over 300 new songs a year, as well as purchasing any additional music either online or in a physical format (CDs etc). We also have a ProDub License (issued by PPL and MCPS) which gives us the legal permission to store and use all of the music that we own. This is a requirement for all mobile discos / DJs who use digital music, yet there are many that do not have it. We always ask for any 'must play' songs before the party, and will purchase any songs on that list that we do not already have, so that we can make sure we have your favourites ready to play! We are also happy to take requests during the party, but of course can at that point only play a song if it is already on our system. Unfortunately, due to copyright etc, we cannot play a song from a guests phone / YouTube / Spotify etc.

What is PLI and do you have it?

I carry £10 Million PLI (Public Liability Insurance), which protects you and all of the guests / members of the public if an accident were to happen.

Will it be too loud?

We check the volume regularly throughout the party, but if you feel it's too loud at any point, let us know and we'll be happy to adjust it for you.

How busy are you?

We get booked up quite far in advance, so as soon as you have a date in mind for your disco, get in touch and we will be happy to pencil it in.

Who will get the prizes for the games?

We can't guarantee that everyone will get a prize, and pick all of the winners and runners-up at our discretion. However, the birthday child / children always gets a special personalised certificate, medal and prize.

How much space / power do you need?

We need at least two safe, earthed 13-amp sockets to be able to power our equipment. Our standard setup needs a width of at least 5m and height of 2.5m. Please consider the space needed for party games etc when looking at venues, and have a look on our venues page for more info.