Birthday Child Info


If your disco is coming up, we'll ask you to come to this page to give us a little bit more info about the birthday child / children, so that we can incorporate their favourite things into the party where possible, and make sure to play all of their favourite songs.

If there is more than one birthday child, just fill in the info for each child one at a time and submit the form again,
and we'll match them up!

You can fill in the games / party dances questions if you'd like to - or you can leave it blank and we'll pick the ones that we have found work best! If you're filling in the form for more than one birthday child, you only need to do those parts once!

Just for info - some of the games we can do:

Heads or Tails | Four Corners | Dancing Competition | Simon Says | 'Greatest Showman' Competition | 'Flossing' Competition |
'Who Let the Dogs Out' Competition | 'Let it Go' Competition | Gangnam Style Dancing Competition | Watch me Whip Dancing Competition | Musical Bumps | Musical Statues | Musical Chairs | Limbo | Hula Hooping | Musical Bingo |
'Mummy' Wrap up Competiton | Loudest 'Ghostbusters' Scream

Just for info - some of the party dances we can do:

Cha Cha Slide | YMCA | Macarena | 5, 6, 7, 8 | Chocolatte | The Time Warp | Superman |
The Hokey Cokey | Follow Da Leader | The Conga | Agadoo

Thanks! We'll personalise the party and make it the best possible for you!